Finding New Balance to Reduce Our Risk of Breast Cancer

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Rachel Chambers, RD, LD/N Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist at Venice Regional Medical Center

We had an excellent and informative discussion on “Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer” at our Girl Talk on Health event last night! Many thanks to Rachel Chambers of Venice Regional Medical Center for her time and expertise and to Molly’s! A Chic and Unique Boutique/New Balance Sarasota and New Balance University Park for taking such good care of us.


We will be posting a couple of follow up blogs from Rachel’s discussion, but I thought for now I would provide some of the contact information, photos, recipes and links discussed at this event.

Contact or on Facebook at Rachel Olson Chambers

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Rachel’s Recipes

Berry Parfait
Coconut yogurt, fresh blackberries and honey.
Honey is known to contain certain compounds that assist in cancer treatment and prevention.

Tomatoe Salad Caprese
Grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese cubes in olive oil, fresh basil and black cracked pepper. Tomatoes have Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant and Calcium is being considered as a mineral, when taken in higher doses, may prevent certain cancers.

Garlic ~ Cloves
Baked in olive oil to be used as spread on the whole grain Crunchmaster Crackers.
Garlic is another vegetable known for flavanoids, or antioxidants.

Bean Salad ~ A room-temp salad of beans and cheese.
Boiled and skinned fava beans topped with lemon zest and a splash of juice, drizzle of olive oil and cracked pepper. Place in a bowl of baby spinach leaves, mint leaves and toss with some pecorino cheese shavings.
Fava Beans are high in compounds called protease inhibitors, which prevent cancer cells from invading adjacent cells.


  • Acai/cranberry juice with sparkling water.
  • Chilled still water with cucumbers.

American Institute for Cancer Research Toolbox

Recipes From The AICR Test Kitchen
Healthy, cancer-protective and delicious recipes created – and tested – by AICR nutritionists and recipe developers.

The New American Plate
Try this simple approach to meal planning that can help lower cancer risk – and shrink your waistline.

AICR Nutrition Hotline
Get answers to your nutrition questions from AICR’s registered dietitians.

BMI Calculator
Find out your BMI and what it means for your cancer risk.

Recommendations by guests

Center for Science in the Public Interest
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Angela Long, Molly Jackson, and Felicia Grant at New Balance Sarasota


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