Hormones: Balanced vs. Deficient

Dan Watts MD was one of our guest speakers at our talk on “Hormone Changes and How to Manage Them.” Dr. Watts has been an OB/GYN and surgeon for over 37 years and is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a known leader in the medical community he applies his medical background and dedication to designing healthy and vital lives for his patients in his practice at The Renewal Point. He uses Bio-identical hormones to restore the balance needed for a healthy body.

Below are the notes from his presentation:

Hormones are messengers in your body that travel through your blood and turn on switches in your body that regulate your overall health and well-being.  When hormones are imbalanced this may affect your mental capabilities, sexual health, physical strength, and body composition.

The following are key factors for balanced hormones and the functions they serve when balanced along with the symptoms and side effects that may occur when they are deficient.

Thyroid regulates metabolism, stimulates energy, and controls weight.  It is principally active as T3.

Improves memory and concentration
Warms body
Stimulates fat burning
Dissolves cholesterol,
“Open’s up arteries”
Improves blood flow
Reduces risk of heart diseases and cancer

Feel cold
Fatigue, morning and evening
Dry thinning hair
Cold hands and feet
Weight increase without changing anything
Stiff painful joints
Feels better after exercise

Progesterone is primarily a female hormone, but is also found in males. Progesterone protects the prostate gland in males.

Elevates Mood
Regular Menses
Maintains Blood Sugar
Burns Fat
Natural Diuretic
Calming Effect
Restful Sleep
Preserves normal breast & uterus, prevents cancer

PMS & Depression
Heavy Bleeding
Weight Gain
Fluid Retention
Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis, Cancer

Progestins and progestogens are not progesterones.

Estrogen is a “feminine” hormone produced by ovaries, but can also be produced in fat cells and adrenal glands.

Maintains feminine features
Smooth unwrinkled skin
Positive mood, enthusiasm
Desire for sex and love
Protects bones, brain, heart
Supports immunity

Hot flashes
Hair loss, hair growth
Fine wrinkles around mouth and lips
Vaginal dryness
Lack sexual desire
Menstruation problems
Lose figure

Testosterone is considered a hormone of virility, but is actually important to men and woman.

Sharpness of mind
Stimulates erection, ejaculation (men)
Stimulates libido in men and women
Reduces risk of heart disease, angina
Counters high cholesterol
Builds/Tones muscles
Reduces fat, obesity
Stimulates hair growth
Prevents joint muscle pain

Low sexual desire
Weakens erection and ejaculation
Prostate, thick and soft
Memory suffers
Lose competitiveness
Depression, grumpy
Flabby muscles, beer belly
Soft appearance “hips and breasts”

Human Growth Hormone is necessary in childhood to help us grow. In adults it is the most powerful anti-aging hormone.

Maintain muscle tone
Decreases fat
Provides energy
Restores restful sleep
Lessens anxiety
Feeling of serenity and security
Strong bone and joint
Protects heart, brain, and thymus

Sagging face
Thin skin
Less muscles
Extra weight
Anxiety / depression
Low resistance to stress
Feel incompetent

Cortisol helps the body respond quickly to stress.

Boost energy
Stimulate appetite
Eases inflammation
Sooths allergies, fever, and reaction to toxins
Enhances immune system

Rapid pulse
Painful muscles and joints
Hives and allergies
Flu like fatigue
Sweet cravings
Dazed and confused
Hair loss

Cortisol Imbalance Causes Upper Body Obesity
• Increases visceral fat
• Increases estrogen dominance
• Increases LDL cholesterol
• Decreases thyroid hormone

How can these hormone levels be tested?

This profile shows the levels of adrenal hormones in your system throughout the day.

This profile shows the level of hormones in your system.

The results of these tests give your physician a key for rebalancing the hormones.


Dr. Watts Recommended Reading:

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