Overcoming Hormone Havoc!

Dr. Shaun Dumas and Dr. Dan Watts

Dr. Shaun Dumas and Dr. Dan Watts

It was great seeing many new faces at our June discussion on “Hormone Changes and How to Manage Them.” We would like to thank Dr. Shaun Dumas and Dr. Dan Watts for speaking at our Girl Talk on Health this month and sharing valuable information on this topic.

Dr. Watts gave us an informative overview of how our hormones change as we age and the effects those changes can have on our health. He educated us on bio-identical hormones and ways in which he tests for imbalances in his patients.

Dr. Dumas shared a visual example of how we deplete our hormones over the years and explained ways in which she uses Chinese herbs and acupuncture to bring hormone balance to her patients.

We will be following up with more details from this month’s discussion in the next few weeks.

Below you will find contact information for Dr. Watts and Dr. Dumas, if you would like to schedule a private consultation.

Dan Watts, M.D.
The Renewal Point
4905 Clark Rd.
Sarasota, Fl 34233

Shaun L. Dumas A.P.
Acupuncture Healing Center LLC
2020 Rose St
Sarasota FL 34239

We would also like to thank McDonald’s at Bee Ridge Road/U.S. 41, Sarasota for providing our guests with their Real Fruit Smoothies. They were Real Tasty!


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